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Committee of the CPPCC Xu Guanghua, office inspector, investigator and Vice Director Zhang Quan
Time:2015-08-30  Hits:342

Committee of the CPPCC Xu Guanghua,  office inspector, investigator and Vice Director Zhang Quan, chief secretary Zhao Xiaoxi 6 person in total arrive in Luanda international Airport on Oct 28th. 
Group Vice President Xiong Binghao received special delegation led by the Embassy of China in Angola, to be accompanied to ensure the successful completion of the visit.

Oct. 28th 2014, CPPCC Delegation visit Guangde Group’s headquarter first. In Guangde multifunctional conference room, Yang Chonghui etc heard a briefing. Director of the Group Zhao Bin described the scope of the Group's business operations, development, development planning, and the introduction of the market situation in Angola detailedly. GuangDe Group take the concept of “Eating better, miss less”, to alleviate the homesickness employees from both material and spiritual aspects.   

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