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  Guangde Power Pole Factory, locates in Cacuaco of Luanda in Angola. We are the first enterprise who adoptsChinese standards of GB/T4623-2006 and GB/T 11836-1999 for fabrication. Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters with 30 people in work, including 8 professional engineers and technicians.The professional production machines, equipment and facilities are listed below,1 production line of steel reinforced concrete,1 production line of drain-pipe,40 sets of steel molds for electric pole,1 set of electric pole centrifugal sharper,2 concrete batching plants,2 pcs of power-supply boilers,2 pcs of roller forming machine for drain-pipe,50 sets of steel molds for drain-pipe and so on. We have specialized department for raw materials, process and product quality inspection.We have all kinds of experimental equipments and complete inspection system.The internal control standards is higher than the national standard.
We have three types of products, prestressed, partially prestressed and ordinary one. The annual production of circular concrete pole is about 15,000 pcs.
The specifications are 150/8M,150/10M,190/9M,190/12M,190/13M190/15M.
The production of reinforced concrete drainage pipe is 12,000PCS per year.There are 15 kinds of specification for concrete drainage pipe, which is from 300*2M to 300*35M,2000*2M to 2000*165M.
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