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Guangde Group has engaged in China-Angola international trade in Angola since 1999 . In 2006,Guangde Internacional Group, LDA registered and established in Luanda, the capital of Angola. Currently, the group has been involved in engineering & construction, manufacture & production, trade business, travel & aviation services, etc.Except for overseas companies, Guangde Group has also established China procurement center in Yiwu,Zhejiang province,which is famous as Chinese Small Commodity City.After many years of business development, the Guangde Group has accumulated excellent customer relationships and a wealth of successful experience in the trade, construction, manufacturing , aviation and travel service areas.
So far, Guangde Group has had 450 Chinese employees, and a local staff team with more than 1,000 people.
In 2004, Guangde Group initiated the establishment of China Chamber of Commerce in Luanda. Having made a lot of efforts, the Chamber has collected closely to one hundred of existing Chinese enterprises. In 2014, the Chamber changed its name to ‘China General Chamber of Commerce." Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) aims to unite Chinese enterprises and individuals, enhance cooperation and exchange, promote Chinese culture, share information, and seek common development. Mr. Xu Ning, the chairman of board in Guangde Group, acts as the president of CGCC.

Group Overview
Engineering & Construction
Building Decoration Engineering
Electric Power Engineering
Guangde Unite Elevator
Guangde Pile Foundation Engineering
Internacional Parque Indústrial
Production & Manufacturing
Color Steel Tile Factory
Road Brick & Roof Tile Factory
Gravel Factory
Power Pole Factory
Cement Pipe Factory
Plastics Factory
Stainless Steel &Paper Factory
Sofa Factory
Foam Material Factory
Trade and Travel Services
Guangde International Trade
Automobile Trading Company
Steel Trading Company
Guangde International Travel Service
International Travel Service
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Yiwu City,Zhejiang province,China
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